Schedule for Upcoming Haridwar Mahakumbh Snaans (Baths)

A very grand event is about to start here at Haridwar. It is none other than the long awaited MAHAKUMBH which comes every 12 years at each place out of the four places in India. One of these places is Haridwar. Preparations have been going on for this grand event long since about a year. Now if you see Haridwar after long time, you will find that it has been transformed to a better city. Although people like us who live here have been long troubled due to this large scale transformation, but now when we see Haridwar, we think all those troubles have been banished. Each and every road has been constructed again, numerous huge water tanks have been placed all over the city, fabulous looking streetlights have been placed all over the city, new bridges have been made in uncountable number, numerous new ghats have been made all over to adjust the crowd, many other changes have been made such as temporary ISBT which I mentioned in one of the previous posts.

Today, I got my hands on the schedule of the Snans (baths). So, I thought why not provide it to others. So here it is –

14 January 2010 (Wednesday) – Makar Sakranti.

15 January 2010 (Friday) – Mauni Amavasya and Surya Grahan (Solar Eclypse).

20 January 2010 (Wednesday) – Basant Panchmi.

30 January 2010 (Saturday) – Maagh Purnima.

12 February 2010 (Friday) – MAHA SHIVRATRI – first shaahi snaan.

15 March 2010 (Monday) – SOMVATI AMAVASYA – Second shaahi snaan.

16 March 2010 (Tuesday) – Navsamvataarambh.

24 March 2010 (Wednesday) – Ram Navmi.

30 March 2010 (Tuesday) – Chaitra Purnima.

14 April 2010 (Wednesday) – MESH SANKRANTI BAISHAKHI – Main shaahi snaan.

28 April 2010 (Wednesday) – Baishakh Adhimas Purnima.

It should be noted that these are main days of bathing, but the days in between them are also for bathing. another important thing is that during the SHAAHI SNAANS, only the Akharas will have bath from 10 am till evening. general public will be allowed to bath only before and after that.


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